New job, New Life- 新しい仕事新しい生活

The Artist in Kyoto, May 2019 令和1年の5月に撮った自画像

The Artist in Kyoto, May 2019

A few of you might have noticed a couple of changes to my website. The coordinator and guide sections are gone. This is because I started a new full-time job here in Tokyo from April, and so I have had to retire as a freelance guide and coordinator. I did one last gig as a freelancer at the beginning of April, but since that was finished I’ve been fully committed to work at my current company. It still feels a bit odd, for I have been working as a freelancer for as long as I care to remember and I’m still not used to going to the same place and seeing the same people every day. But everybody are decent and hard-working people, and the job is more than sufficiently challenging so I feel that I’m in an environment where I am able to grow.

More importantly, throwing away my life as a freelancer and settling into a more stable and secure position has freed me as a photographer. Now I can use my camera only to my own end. Only to express what I want. And I feel that this really has heightened the quality of my focus, and thereby also my results. There will unfortunately not be a post with pictures from April, the last month of Heisei, because I didn’t really get to take that many photos during my first month at the office. Stay tuned for May though, for I have been quite productive this month.


Only one photograph from April 2019. 平成31年の4月の一枚だけ載せましょう。

Only one photograph from April 2019.


New year, new country, new website

Happy new year.
I suppose it’s a bit late to say that now, as we’re already well into February. But the changing year has been a new beginning of considerable importance to me, so I wish to start this post with a nod to the year past and the year present.

After celebrating Christmas with the family and bidding my friends and associates goodbye, I packed my bags and left. 8400 kilometres away home, 13 hours by aeroplane, including a short wait at Helsinki airport. I have moved to Tokyo.


There are several reasons for my move to Tokyo, but key among them is that it was the time to do so. Or rather I had to make the move before time ran out. I am here on a working holiday visa, which is only possible if one goes before turning 31. And here I am. 31. In Japan. Working.

While the contents and scenery of my work are bound to change significantly, it’s status is more or less the same. I am a photographer and coordinator. Sometimes a guide and a translator. There have been a few other changes to my career, but while exciting, they are still very new, and so I hesitate to write about them until I know more about what they entail.

One of the steps I have taken to bolster my career in this new life as an expatriate is to strengthen my presence on the web through this website. The site covers most of my professional talents and services, and I hope that my dear readers do me the kindness of giving it a solid inspection. While this blog might also contain the odd parcel of content regarding my other pursuits, the main purpose is for it to serve as a diary and a notebook for my thoughts about photography, art, and life in Japan.


And so I end this entry with two self-portraits and a question. One of the artist at 30, having just signed the contract to his new rooms. The other of the artist at 31, having comfortably settled in.
Then comes the question. Are you comfortable reading this blog as I write it now with one paragraph in English with the following being a Japanese version of the same paragraph, or would you rather that I wrote the whole post in English first, followed by a Japanese translation at the bottom? Please comment on the blog, or answer me in an e-mail.