Japan - A visit to the land of the Rising Sun

Have you always wanted to go to Japan? Have you been there before and want to go back for a second trip?

Japan is a land of contrast. As an island nation with a history spanning more than 2000 years, and with an official policy of isolation preventing foreign influence from the 1600s and until the Industrial Revolution, Japan protects many crafts and traditions going back centuries. In contrast to itself though it is also one of the most modern and technologically advanced economies in the world, so you should expect the unexpected.
The Japanese kitchen is second to none, and each of the country’s 47 prefectures are culinary Mecca’s in their own right.
Experience ancient Japan while navigating through the ancient streets of Kyoto, with it’s wooden townhouses and temples, or bathe in the light reflected from Tokyo’s collossal skyscrapers. Have a cup of sake with your sushi, or eat one of the myriad of traditional Japanese sweets called wagashi with a cup of green tea. All you can drink alcohol buffet with your BBQ? It’s a challenge, or something to stay clear off. It’s up to you, but one thing is certain; Japan is worth a visit.


Do you speak Japanese?

Don’t worry if you don’t. A lot of signs are written partly with the roman alphabet, and most people know some of the very basics of English. If you want make a reservation at that very special restaurant however, or if you want to order the Japan Rail Pass which will let you ride freely on the bullet trains and the JR line you might need the help of somebody seasoned in the language, and possibly somebody with an address in Japan.